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Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident in Hawaii? I Can Help.

I have many years of experience representing clients that have been injured in a motor vehicle accident while visiting Hawaii or who are otherwise only here temporarily for vacation, work or to serve in the U.S. military.

Cases involving tourists, part-time Hawaii residents and active-duty military service members usually involve some unique and complicated insurance issues that differ significantly from the issues routinely encountered with a full- time Hawaii resident. For these kinds of cases, you need an attorney that has experience dealing with such cases. I have represented numerous tourists, part-time Hawaii residents and military personnel that have been involved in automobile accidents and I have extensive experience dealing with the issues that arise in such cases. In addition, my firm also has numerous language interpreters and translators available that speak and read fluent Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, German, Filipino and Spanish. With such interpreters and translators we are able to effectively communicate with most foreign nationals in their native language. Likewise, military members who are injured in a motor vehicle accident in Hawaii (whether its on base or off) need an attorney that is familiar with the unique issues involved with military benefits and insurance. Through my three decades of handling personal injury cases, I have obtained considerable first-hand experience dealing with the unique issues and needs of tourists, part- time Hawaii residents and active-duty military personnel and their dependents.